Collingwood Gallery

We have decided to put a little gallery together to showcase your painting, drawings and photographs. All we need you to do is simply email them to us and we will upload as many as we can. Space is limited though, so we may not be able to add everything you send us.

Photographs should not include people, so no selfies or pictures of your brother making a complete fool of himself. Photographs of animals and pets are fine. In fact, these would certainly cheer us all up! You can even make models and send photographs of them to us. To see our 2020 Gallery Archive simply click here.

How do I get my pictures to you?

Simply email them to please. The button below should open your usual mail program with our address already set up for you.

Please remember: Photographs should not include people.

Your Pictures

Click the thumbnails for a better view.

Please note that copyright on the artworks and photographs on this page remain with the artists and photographers. Collingwood Media is displaying the works with permission.