Collingwood Recycle!

Recycling helps save the planet from things like global warming and rubbish, by recycling things such as food packets and old toys, you are reducing the amount that gets put into the rubbish bin. This is a very good thing because rubbish is full of nasty bugs that spread diseases and gases that increase global warming. But what is recycling? How are things recycled? And what can you do to get more people to recycle?

Recycling means making your rubbish into something new, every time you throw something away it gets sent to a landfill, and these landfills keep piling up with rubbish until no more rubbish can be put on and then the landfill has to close! Recycling has become a serious problem in the last few years and if we keep going the future will be worse but if we act now we can all do our part to make the world a better place and make a collective change. 

Did you know that around 26 million tonnes of rubbish is produced in the UK every year, and from this this 14 million of it goes into landfills! 

At Collingwood we think that recycling is an important lesson for our pupils to learn, this is so they can take that extra step to put that piece of rubbish in the recycling bin.  We understand for some young people it can be confusing knowing not only how to recycle but also the positive benefits from recycling for yourself and the environment, to help you with this we have created a short video where we went around Collingwood to ask both staff and students some questions about recycling. Check it down below!