Kielder Challenge

Kielder Observatory has challenged you to create your own world-class observatory! Have a look into what they do and how they do it, see below to see how to enter their challenge to have a chance to win a fabulous prize!

What is Astronomy?

Astronomy is the area of science that focuses on the study of everything in the universe beyond Earth. Astronomy is as simple as stepping outside your house on a dark starry night and looking up into the sky, you are now an astronomer! Want to up the ante? Get a telescope or binoculars to see in even more detail. People who specialise in Astronomy have really big telescopes that allow them to see distant objects close-up and explore the night sky in much greater detail. They use these big telescopes in a place called an Observatory. 

What is an Observatory?

An astronomical observatory is a building or location used to observe the night sky, they will have at least one telescope but there’s often more than one on a site. Kielder Observatory want you to create your own!

The Challenge…

Kielder Observatory wants you to design your own world-class observatory. If you click the leaflet here it will take you to more information that you will need for this challenge like case studies and considerations, you can also do your own research to help complete your designs. 

You can present your design in any way you’d like – you can hand-draw it, use computer software, make a powerpoint, the power is in your hands! But you must also submit a short essay, this can be at most 300 words, explaining the reasons behind your observatory designs.

We would love it if you sent us a copy of your entry so we can showcase it here on Connect!

Submissions and Prizes

Once you have finished your design and essay and it’s ready for submission email it over to or click the button below. 

Every submission will win a certificate from the Observatory and the best design will win a family ticket to visit Kielder Observatory. The deadline for submission is the 28th of February 2021 with the certificates and the winner announcement being sent out by the end of March. Good Luck!

Submit your Observatory to Kielder