A student at Collingwood school
Had a brilliant idea (which is cool)
So please take the time
And send us your rhyme
And hopefully it will be better than this one...

Lockdown Limericks

One of our students has sent us some brilliant Limericks and it gave us an idea... Let's have a whole page here on the Connect website just for your Limericks. Send us as many of your Limericks as you think we can stand and we will publish the very best here on this page.

Email your work to gallery@collingwood.media or simply click the link below.

The Collingwood Limerick Hall of Fame

Here we present the very best of Collingwood's poetic talent. Keep them coming..!

by Ewan

There once were two crazy puppets
who wanted to be in the muppets
they went on the stage
got into a rage
and ended up in some buckets

by Ewan

There once was a girl called Lily
who liked to be really silly
she had a brother called Max
who told her some interesting facts
and now she does quizzes on the telly

by Ewan

There once was a boy from Collingwood School
who could not stick to the rules
he ran around a lot
And got told to not
So he ended up jumping in the pool

by Ewan and Mr Alpin

There was a young man called Brian
Who rode to work on a lion
The lion got mad
So Brian was glad
That he had decided to fly in

by Mr C

A technology teacher named Ben
Has strangely discovered that when
He consumes red hot chilli
It makes him go silly
Then oddly he does it again

by Mrs Halliwell

There once was a dog called Hattie
Who really was quite scattie
She jumped in the river
Which made her shiver
However her owner forgave her