Mrs Askew - Out and About


I have been out and about in Northumberland saying 'hello' to some of our students so thank you to those of you who have waved and smiled back, it was great to see you settled, safe and working hard.

My mission is to check on the welfare of our pupils, ensuring they still feel part of the Collingwood Community.

At Collingwood, we are always happy to go the extra mile for any of our students and with this project I have, literally, been travelling many extra miles to ensure that our pupils feel thought of and looked after even in these tricky times. I am documenting my adventures by taking selfies everywhere I go. I will be out and about again soon, see if you can work out where from the photos.

Mrs Askew

Mrs Askew's Selfie Gallery

Click the thumbnails for a better look at my selfies. Can you work out where I have been?