What can we recycle?

Do you know how much paper you use at school? Well, if you think about it, it is used for school books, exercise books, posters, boxes and just about everything you can see. We would not be able to do our jobs without it, unfortunately without recycling bins most of this rubbish probably ends up in landfills and become useless but this also means most of the rubbish schools produce is made of paper, which means most of our rubbish can be recycled!

Rather than throwing out all of your paper into the rubbish bin, ask your teacher if they can create a special paper bin for all the paper to be recycled in to. You could create colourful labels for each bin so your friends and teachers will know which bin is which.

Our local council, the Northumberland County Council have many pages on their website on what to recycle in our local area of Northumberland, what you can recycle is dependent on your local council so it is always good to check online to see what you can and can’t recycle. 

To the right we have a short video by the Northumberland County Council on how to recycle plastic in our local area.  

What CAN Be Recycled

What CAN'T Be Recycled