Where can we recycle?

There are a number of ways to reduce and recycle rubbish both at home and at school. At home you will always have at least one rubbish bin which is a recycling bin! The main aim of having separate bins for recycling is to make sure that no household waste gets put into landfill that actually could be recycled! Below we will explain to you how to recycle both at home and at school. 

Recycling bin

You will always have at least one recycling bin at your home, these recycling bins usually come in a blue colour. Some rubbish you can put into these bins are cardboard, clean paper and plastic bottles. For these bins you need to make sure all of the household waste you put in is recyclable, ask an adult in your home if you can help them group the recycling for the bins! When putting rubbish inside these bins you need to make sure not to use any bin liners to pack them together as this is against the rules. Everything put into this bin will eventually be remade into a new product! These bins are usually collected by the binmen on Thursdays.

Non-recyclable bin

You will always also have one non-recyclable bin, these bins are usually either green or black. For these bins you need to make sure to only put non-recyclable rubbish in as these bins go straight to landfill so it would be a waste to put recyclable materials in! In these bins you can put rubbish like food waste, shredded paper and  clothes. Unlike the recycling bin you are able to put your rubbish into a bin liner, you can ask an adult at home if you could help them empty the bins in your home. These bins are usually collected by the binmen on a Thursday.

At School

At Collingwood you will have one of these blue bins (on the right), these bins are used for paper recycling! You could also have another blue bin with a black bin liner inside, this bin is for your general waste which can’t be recycled, this will then be tied up and thrown into an even bigger bin! Make sure to double check with your teacher to see if you are putting them in the right bin.

You should also find these black bins (shown to the left) outside, these bins are for general rubbish outside to stop people from littering on the ground, be sure to put your non-recyclable rubbish in these!

Recycling Points!

When you aren’t in school you can also drop off your rubbish at a recycling point. These recycling points are small areas where you can recycle things like glass, jars, shoes and clothes. There are over 170 of these recycling points in Northumberland! On the right we have the closet one to us at Collingwood but to you it might not be, you can find out your nearest recycling point by asking an adult to search up online or you can do it yourself. You can also click here to take you to a website where you can enter your details to know where you can recycle.